Do you ship? How long will it take?

As of October 2021 we are ending all of our online shipping methods.  We encourage you to shop at our brick and mortar location so you can get a true feel for our selection and great customer service.  We promise it will be worth your while!

However if you do place an order online over $40 and would like it delivered in the Greater Essex County area we would gladly make arrangements to deliver it to you within four working days of your order being placed at no additional cost.  Please give us a call during working hours and have your order number ready and we will take care of you.

Where can I buy?

As well as our retail location on Wyandotte and Windermere in  Walkerville,  we can be found every Saturday at the Downtown Windsor Farmers market on Pellissier St.

Our mobile food trailer is always out and about the city and county as well in the Spring Summer and Fall.

Some of the festivals that we can be found at during the year are:

  • Strawberry Fest – Lasalle
  • Ford Fireworks Night
  • Ruthven Apple Festival
  • LaSalle Night Market (last Sunday of each month in the summer)
  • Bright Lights at Jackson Park

Can I buy in store?

Sure can! Upon entering the store please sign the book, sanitize your hands, and respect social distancing when in store or lined up outside.

Some local retailers that carry a limited selection of our products are:

Demarco Fine Foods
1349 Grand Marais Rd W (South Windsor) 519-990-4147

Mancini’s Italia Bakery
571 Erie St East (Windsor) 519-255-7263

Lee & Maria’s
692 Seacliff Dr, Kingsville, ON N9Y 2E6 519-733-9328

Donna’s Deli
571 Erie St East (Windsor) 519-255-7263

The Parlour Ice Cream Shop 

5881 Malden Rd, Lasalle 519-970-9665

My child has a peanut allergy. What should I be aware of?

Every single flavour of our popcorn is 100 per cent peanut free with the exception of our gourmet collection. All of our popcorn is made in one facility except the gourmet collection. The process is a little different. The finished gourmet collection is taken to a diferent kitchen altogether to be seasoned or drizzled. There is peanut product at our second location so if there are allergies it is recommended to avoid the Gourmet collection altogether.

How long will the popcorn stay fresh?

In our testing and years of experience we have found that if stored in a cool/dry place with the bag sealed all of our sugary coated flavors can last up to two months. The sugar coating provides a barrier which allows the corn to stay fresh for a very long time. The savory flavors because they are not protected will not stay fresh for quite as long but our new leakproof containers are proving to keep the popcorn fresh for at least six weeks if stored in a cool/dry environment.

Where is my order?

Right now we are not set up with a tracking system. It is something that we are learning about and will hopefully implement in the future. Until then if you are concerned about the status of your order please give us a call. Each one of our staff is notified on our phones when an order is placed so if we can’t answer your question right away we will do our best to get back to you within an hour or so of your call. We strive to have all orders that are placed delivered to your door within four working days. If we cant do it then we will call you personally and let you know.

How much popcorn does one consume?

The average serving size is 2.5 cups per person. That is about one fifth of our small pail.

Why is your popcorn so round?

We prefer to use a unique popcorn kernel called the “mushroom” kernel. There are mainly two types of popcorn kernels, the butterfly and the mushroom. Butterfly kernels are less durable and leave you with a lot of crumbs at the bottom of the bag. Mushroom kernels are far superior as they don’t break down, and because of the larger surface area they tend to hold on to the coatings better.