A few fun facts about our popcorn:


  • We only use non GMO popcorn seeds
  • We only use “Mushroom” popcorn for all of our products.  We find that the mushroom kernels have a large round surface area for the adhesion of flavors and the round popped kernels are more durable than the “butterfly” style popcorn seeds.
  • Sugary coated popcorn if stored properly will last for weeks at a time. The sugary coating protects the popcorn from absorbing any moisture, therefore maintaining a nice crispy texture.
  • Savory seasoned popcorn if stored properly in our sealed pails should optimally last five to six weeks.
  • Remember to always store your popcorn in a sealed package in a cool and dry environment for maximum freshness. 
  • An average person consumes approx. 2.5 cups of popcorn per serving


For 2020 we are offering ten exciting new flavours!  From sweet and salty to savoury we think there is a flavour for everyone’s taste. 

New flavours will always be added as soon as we perfect them!

Kettle Corn Original

Traditional kettle corn made in an old fashion kettle with all natural ingredients with a perfect balance of sweet and salty.  This is our signature popcorn that made us who we are today.

Dilly Dilly Pickle

Wow.  Did we knock it out of the park with this one.  Loads and loads of dill pickle seasoning!  Nothing satisfies your salty snack craving like the tangy, salty flavor of a dill pickle.


Someone at Colchester North Public School said “put together something tropical for our school play coming up this year”.   The rest is history.  It has been so popular we didn’t want to change the name.  A fun mix of Blue Raspberry, Cherry and Banana.

Double Sugar Kettle Corn

Lightly sweet and salty, NOPE.  Same as our Original Kettle Corn BUT twice the sugar!  This is as close to caramel corn as you’re gonna get! Not recommended by 9 out of 10 dentists.


Bacon Cheddar

The amazing smoky flavour really comes through in this unique combination that will leave you wanting more.

Movie Theatre

Sometimes things just call for a  good old fashioned popcorn.  Freshly popped mushroom seeds with just the right amount of salt and butter flavoring.  Goes great with a beer!


Chocolate Drizzle Kettle Corn

The name says it all!  Double glazed, chocolate drizzled kettle corn.  Each package made painstakingly by hand but well worth it!  Don’t bother counting the calories or checking the nutritional information.  Life is short.  Eat the corn!

Seasonal Selection Only. 


Why Ketchup? Why not. Because we are Canadian THAT’S WHY!