Fundraise With Us

Fundraising is our specialty! Please get in touch with us to discuss your groups specific needs.

Is your organization in need of a unique, profitable and FUN fundraiser? We are experts at fundraising. We offer many unique ways of helping your organization achieve your goals:

Have a popcorn day

Pre order our single serving popcorn cones and sell them at school during your nutrition break.  With over 20 flavors to choose from we guarantee we will have something that everyone loves.

We sell the cones to you for $1.59 plus HST and we recommend that you sell them at school for between $3.00 and $4.00

Free delivery in the Windsor Essex area.

Nutritional Facts are not on the cones however all of our nutritional info can be printed conveniently from our website or from the Nutritional Facts form located HERE

Please allow up to five days to prepare order.

Bulk it up.

Super simple… Buy a party bag of popcorn and package it yourself. By bagging it yourself in one to two cup servings and selling them for $2.00 you could make up to as much as $200.00 per bag. Great for school movie nights or to sell in the commissary. Best of all you don’t have to take all day popping your own corn and cleaning up the popcorn machines after.

Old school paper forms.

Download our easy to use order form here. Make copies and distribute them to all of the volunteers involved. Contact us to arrange a start date and an end date as well as a delivery date. Have the volunteers begin collecting orders on the form. Visit friends, family, co-workers neighbors etc… and when the fundraiser ends give us a call with the totals. We will pop the order and deliver it to a single location and collect our portion of the sales.

A few more tips when  Fundraising:

-Please confirm the start, end and delivery dates with us before proceeding!

-When orders are delivered to the school we strongly suggest that an adult, teacher, or parent council be responsible for sorting the orders.  Having the students pick and sort the orders is not always the best idea.

-NEW FOR 2023  The previously used 5 liter clear pail with handle has been replaced with a 5.7 liter opaque pail with no handle. These pails are stronger than previous pails and have a slightly larger capacity at no extra cost.

-Personal checks payable to Whats Poppin are discouraged

Why Fundraise with Us?
  • Made fresh to order everytime
  • A healthier alternative, no trans fat, and cholesterol free. No minimum order
  • Popcorn has a long shelf life. If kept in proper conditions you can expect up to two months shelf life if stored properly in a cool/dry environment.
  • Locally owned. We live in Windsor, our shop is in Windsor and we spend our money in Windsor.
  • Popcorn is fun! Let’s face it, everybody loves popcorn. And with all the awesome flavours we have to choose from, chances are there is something for everyone’s taste.
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