Who are these guys?

Jeff Gamble

Jeff has been popping kettle corn by hand since 2007.  Although it may not seem like a long time, this guy has popped hundreds of thousands of bags of kettle corn!  When not spending time with his family, you can usually find him and his right hand man Gary at a local festival, craft show or night market popping away.
Jeff takes great pride in his family and loves it when his children come and visit him when he is popping.  Some of the best times he has making popcorn is when his daughter Emily is by his side.  His youngest son Christopher is eager to help out as well but is still just a little too young!

Handsome Gary

Gary has been Jeff’s greatest asset to the business since he started almost six years ago.  Gary never said no to packing up the trailer and going where ever just to spend the day making popcorn with his buddy Jeff.
Gary, also a devoted family man likes to spend his time coaching his daughter to be the best baseball player that she can be and can usually be found at the ball park during the summer with his wonderful family.  The self proclaimed “professor of popology”  is not only a great friend of ours but one of the greatest reasons that we are as successful as we are.
Gary likes to spend his spare time not collecting stamps and many days can be found in his back yard digging random holes.


 Meet our newest member.  Our Office manager and University of Windsor student.  Mikayala has been brought in to keep some order in the shop.  From shipping/receiving, web maintenance, beer runs, Mikayla is our right hand as we continue to grow.  One day we will get her a desk. 


Coco is our mascot.  She loves to sit outside and watch us make popcorn all day long and every once and a while maybe a stray piece of popcorn will fly her way.  We love Coco!