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What once started out as a side hustle with one small kettle and a few local festivals has over time become Windsor’s favorite popcorn “factory”. Over the years we have managed to upgrade our equipment, hire the right staff, lease our own building and make lots of right decisions ( as well as learn from our mistakes).

We take great pride in living in Windsor and love every festival, event and fundraiser that we do.  What makes us the most proud is knowing that we have given many people their first job.  Maybe it was packing the bags, scooping the ice cream or working the festivals, but whatever it was, we hope that they will all look back on What’s Poppin Popcorn Factory with great memories.  We know we will.

We are humbled greatly by the support we receive from the local community and we love to give back as well.  We sponsor as many teams, golf tournaments, bazzars, as we possibly can  afford and we love it!

As the years have progressed we have watched our business change many times.  What we think the future holds for us sometimes changes and we are always excited to roll with those changes. In the last year alone we have been welcomed as a key supplier of popcorn for a national chain of department stores.  Nothing is more satisfying when a customer sends us an email telling us how much they enjoyed our popcorn from as far as Vancouver to Halifax.

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From popping the popcorn to sealing the bags, working in our new warehouse and delivering to customers, the whole Gamble family is involved in the day to day operation of What’s Poppin!

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Jeff Gamble
Jeff Gamble
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One day many years ago Jeff was watching an old couple making kettle corn at a festival and said "Hey that looks easy, I can do that". Fifteen years later Jeff has managed to become a small business owner and left his beloved job of many years to pursue this different dream.
Krista Gamble
Christa Gamble
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Many years of Sales both in the Detroit area and Southwestern Ontario, Christa manages the Corparate and National Sales part of the business. Working events is her passion and definitely her favorite way to stay connected to the best customers a company could have.
Gary Toohey
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Entrepreneur of the Year Nominee

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Sweets production

We have been producing candies, donuts, chocolates for many years and we are undeniably proud of the quality of our products.

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We have created an online store so that you can browse and order our products as conveniently as possible. Shop now from any place!

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We are working only with the best delivery services. You can be sure your candies, donuts, cakes, chocolates,  bubble gum, and other confections will be delivered to you safe and sound.

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