About Us

What once started out as a side hustle with one small kettle and a few local festivals has over time become Windsors favorite popcorn “factory”. Over the years we have managed to upgrade our equipment, hire the right staff, lease our own building and make lots of right decisions ( as well as learn from our mistakes).

Although times may be uncertain right now, we feel that there is always room for a little popcorn in your life and we hope that when you do have the craving for something completely unique, delicious and MADE IN WINDSOR you will think of us.

Our location on Tecumseh and Moy is now closed and we welcome you to come visit our beautiful new location in the heart of old Walkerville.  We can be found at the corner of Wyandotte and Windermere (previously occupied by The Olde Walkerville Pharmacy) 1701 Wyandotte.

Learn more about our store here!