Fundraise with us!

How to have a successful fundraiser with What's Poppin' Popcorn Factory:

1-Determine your dates. We recommend running the fundraiser for no more than two weeks. Call us or email us to let us know what dates you are considering and we will set that production time aside for you or advise you of any conflicts.

2-Distribute the forms.  Once we deliver the amount of forms you require please distribute them to everyone that is participating. If you need more forms please let us know.  A fundraiser PDF link is on this page for you to preview.

3-Have participants collect orders(and money) from friends, family and anyone else who loves popcorn!

4-On the due date make sure the participant hands in the completed form with the matching amount of money.

5-Have a responsible adult tabulate all of the order forms and call Whats Poppin with the total number of items sold (ex. 100 kettle corn, 150 movie theater, 24 flavor shaker kits)

6- Once order is received we will email an invoice for the amount that you owe and will get started producing the order and determine a delivery date that works for you.  Depending on the size of the order we will require up to two weeks for delivery. 

7-When order is delivered please have staff or helpers ready to sort and distribute the orders using the order forms that were handed in from the participants.  At this time we will collect our check for the completed fundraiser!

One of the most common questions we receive is what is the profit percentage.  The answer is simple. For every item you sell you make $4.00.  For example if you sell one large pouch of Kettle Corn for $12.00 your profit is $4.00.  If you sell a Sampler pack of 5 small pouches for $20.00 your profit is $4.00.  The profit adds up quite quickly and easily.  Popcorn is universally loved!  If a school with 400 participants only sold one single bag of Kettle Corn each the profit to the school would be $1600.00